We offer appointments for annual wellness exams for your pets. Some older pets might require wellness exams every 6 months, keep in mind that our pets age much faster than we do and in a older dog a wellness exam once a year is equal to us visiting the doctor every 4-5 years.

A lot of people do not bring their older pets in for wellness exams as they think they are old and do not need vaccines anymore. You can elect to not vaccinate your older pets but the exam is still very important to catch problems earlier and have a better outcome in the long run. We recommend annual or semi-annual blood and urine screening for our geriatric patients.

We offer sick pet appointments and have access to X-rays, Ultrasound, an in-house laboratory, tonopen and endoscope to help us diagnose your pet’s illness.

We do offer referral to specialists if we think that your pet’s needs can be better served in a referral center.